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Optics Forum

Optics Forum
Date:September 9-11, 2020
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Intelligent development of security, smart home, transportation and intelligent terminal is an important direction of global development in the next few years.

The camera will become a necessary part of the intelligent terminal In the future, which puts forward higher precision technical requirements for optical enterprises from optical materials, equipment and modules.


The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society

Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University

China International Optoelectronic Exposition


The Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State KeyLaboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mechanics Manufacture technology research institute, China Academy of Engineering Physics


China International Optoelectronic Conference office

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd


The Latest Technology and Application of Optical Technology

Date:September 9, PM. 2020

Venue:Media Center B, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

In recent years, the pace of innovation in the field of optics, optical two pillar industries of the LCD panel and the productivity of the LCD panel industry and market demand increase further strengthened the optical industry's growth, on the other hand, with the precision manufacturing and the progress of electronic information industry, precision instruments and the emergence of intelligent electronic equipment, LCD panel will enter a new period of growth. The market demand of the application industry has put forward further requirements for the technological innovation. Especially in the consumer elec-tronics field, such as the accelerated penetration of three-camera and multi-camera in the lens industry, and the opening of a new unlocking method under the overall screen for face recognition, all of these will require the continuous development of optical technology in the future.


Wafer-level Lens & Camera Module Technology Progress and Application Seminar

Date:September 10, PM. 2020

Venue:Media Center B, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

China as the global optical lens processing and manufacturing base, how to respond to changes in market demand during the rapid growth of optical imaging technology, Europe's optical technology and development status, global optical lens market demand, the transformation and improvement of wafer-level lens module technology in design, production and manufacturing are all hotspots of our concern.


New Challenges of Optical Nano Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Date:September 10, AM. 2020

Venue:Media Center B, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

The forum will cover grinding process, magneto rheological polishing process, large-diameter optical lens and reflector, etc., as well as the development trend of the global market. The forum aims to promote the industry-university- research cooperation in optical micro-nano manufacturing between China and EU, and jointly promote the ultra-precision micro-nano processing technology to better shift from the application fields of military industry to the civilian industry.


Application Status of Bio-optical Technology

Date:September 11, AM. 2020

Venue:Media Center B, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

Innovative medical technology and high-end medical equipment industry continue to develop in China. With the cross-border integration of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, the new technologies, new products, and new business models have quickly penetrated into various medical segments. As a result, a new round of rapid development in such fields as smart medicine, precision medicine and other industries has begun.


Optical Film Technology Progress and Application Seminar

Date:September 10, 2020

Venue:1B, 2nd Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

On the 2020 Seminar on the Progress and Application of Optical Thin Film Technology, experts in the field of optical thin film at home and abroad, and senior executives of well-known companies are invited to discuss the progress of optical thin film technology, the development in related application fields, and propose solutions for market development.


New Generation Machine Vision Technology for Industry 4.0

Date:Sept 9, PM,2020

Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (BAO AN)

The combination of deep learning and industrial vision is to enable the vision system to train a large number of samples for more accurate detection and measurement. Deep learning allows industrial vision to be adapted into more changes and can improve the accuracy and stability during the manufacturing process especially when the surrounding environment is complex. 3D vision technology and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry in the next 10 years definitely.


AR Display Technology and Its Human Centric Sensing Applications

Date:September 10, AM. 2020

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 3,Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (BAO AN)


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