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2019 Vehicle-mounted Cameras Imaging Quality Assessment Seminar
Time:September 5, 2019
Site:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Co-organized by CIOE and Shanghai Yanding Information Technology Co., Ltd., the forum will implement the image testing of automotive cameras, discussing the current automotive camera testing issues that are highly concerned in the industry. It will also share some international standards and solution cases, especially for test methods and standards of ADAS cameras. The forum will introduce ISO international standards and case sharing, test methods and questions for automotive cameras, introduction of IEEE-P2020 and comprehensive tester for ADAS, and test methods for automotive image CMS systems.

Conference agenda

2019 Vehicle-mounted Cameras Imaging Quality Assessment Seminar
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
9:30 -- 10:30Car Camera Test Standards and SolutionWenjiang Ding, Vice President, Shanghai YanDing Technologies Companies
10:30 -- 12:00Vehicle Imaging Test and CMS SolutionWeiyu Shao, Sales Manager, Konica Minolta

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