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Emerging Technologies for Industrial Metaverse
Time:Sep 8, AM
Site:Conference Room, Hall 1
Co hosting
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
The development of emerging sensing and display technologies has been driven by the rise of the metaverse; although the boom has passed, its impact to industry still last long. Low latency, low power consumption, and miniaturized sensing and display technologies such as mixed reality and digital twins are essential as basic building blocks of the metaverse. This forum invited scholars from academic field and industry leaders to analyze and discuss the development of related optoelectronic and semiconductor technologies and gave valuable opinions on the future development direction.
Forum Highlights: 1. Development of AI and emerging neuromorphic sensing tech 2. Development of sensing technology in mixed reality and environment sensing 3. Development challenges and opportunities of related technologies in the industrial metaverse 4. Optoelectronic and semiconductor related industries in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area
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Conference agenda

Emerging Technologies for Industrial Metaverse
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
10:00-10:05Emerging Sensing and Display TechKenny Chan, Associate Senior Director, ASTRI
10:05-10:25Photonic and microelectronic integration: from active photonic devices to active photonic networkShaolin Zhou, Associate Professor, South China University of Tech
10:25-10:45Event-based Metavision is key to industrial vision in the MetaverseLuca Verre, CEO/Co-founder, Prophesee
10:45-11:05Multimodal Spatio-temporal 4D processor based on in memory computingHongjie Liu, Founder/Chairman, Reexen Technology Co., Ltd.
11:05-11:25Empower generative AI and industrial metaverseSamuel Lo, General Manager, NVIDIA AI Technology center, HK & MACAU
11:25-11:45Application of DVS in indoor/outdoor scenariosYing Wang, Chief Engineer, Optics, CERVEAU (H.K.) Limited
11:45-12:05Finally, AR and AI find each other!PoKing Li, General Manager/VP of Marketing & Sales, XDMicro
12:05-12:25Event-enhanced 3D Understanding through Virtual WorldHei Law, Senior Engineer, ASTRI
Host: TBC
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