Optoelectronic Application Forum

Optoelectronic Application Forum

In order to keep up with the needs of the application industry, CIOE first proposed the concept of Optoelectronics+ application forums. In 2020, the Optoelectronics+ application forums will comprehensively discuss the application landing and solutions of optoelectronics technology in various emerging fields, and promote the in-depth integration of optoelectronics technology in the application field..The forum will cover topics such as automobiles, mobile phones, artificial intelligence, security, AR / VR, industrial Internet, and lidar. It is expected to attract more than a thousand participants to share and exchanges their insights to the topics.

Smart Display Technology Leads a Bright Future Forum (Finished)

Date:Sep 6 PM

Venue:Hall 2,second floor 2B


2023行家说UV LED技术与产业应用高峰论坛暨行家极光奖榜单揭晓(已结束)
2023 HangJia Talk· UV LED Technology and Industrial Application Seminar The HangJia Aurora Award ceremony

Date:Sep 6, PM

Venue:5C, Second floor, Hall 5

With the end of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the world begins to enter the era of herd immunity, and the current economic situation, the national and public requirements for environmental protection are increasingly high, environmental laws and regulations are increasingly strict environment, UV LED in 2023 is also facing new challenges and opportunities. For example, new special scenes related to UVA-LED curing continue to appear, and UVC-LED sterilization is also active in innovation, and great progress has been made in WPE and new processes. 2023, UV enterprises how to define the new growth direction of UV LED performance? What strategy and style of play will be used? This industry event aims to open a new vision for the development of the industry and explore the way forward together by sharing valuable thoughts on the development of the UV LED industry.


Intelligent Sensor Innovation and Application Development Summit 2023(Finished)

Date:September 6 , PM

Venue:6C, 2nd Floor, Hall 6


AI Security and Vision Technology Innovation Development Forum(Finished)

Date:September 6 , PM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8


The 34th MEMS Seminar: 3D Vision Technology and Application(Finished)

Date:PM, September 6, September 7

Venue:6B, 2nd Floor, Hall 6


The 5th Intelligent Vehicles Technology Summit(Finished)

Date:September 7

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 6


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