Optoelectronic Application Forum

Optoelectronic Application Forum

In order to keep up with the needs of the application industry, CIOE first proposed the concept of Optoelectronics+ application forums. In 2020, the Optoelectronics+ application forums will comprehensively discuss the application landing and solutions of optoelectronics technology in various emerging fields, and promote the in-depth integration of optoelectronics technology in the application field..The forum will cover topics such as automobiles, mobile phones, artificial intelligence, security, AR / VR, industrial Internet, and lidar. It is expected to attract more than a thousand participants to share and exchanges their insights to the topics.

2019 Vehicle-mounted Cameras Imaging Quality Assessment Seminar

Date:September 5, 2019

Venue:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Co-organized by CIOE and Shanghai Yanding Information Technology Co., Ltd., the forum will implement the image testing of automotive cameras, discussing the current automotive camera testing issues that are highly concerned in the industry. It will also share some international standards and solution cases, especially for test methods and standards of ADAS cameras. The forum will introduce ISO international standards and case sharing, test methods and questions for automotive cameras, introduction of IEEE-P2020 and comprehensive tester for ADAS, and test methods for automotive image CMS systems.


The second "light +" Intelligent Driving Technology Summit Forum

Date:September 6, 2019

Venue:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Organized by CIOE and Gasgoo, the conference invites government departments, consulting agencies, vehicle companies, lidar manufacturers, infrared night vision, camera and other key sensor companies and well-known scientific research institutes to attend and to discuss optoelectronics and automotive electronics Industry market prospects. The forum also received strong support from companies such as Ams Semiconductors, Baraja, OQmented.


Emerging Technologies for Industrial Metaverse

Date:Sep 8, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 1

The development of emerging sensing and display technologies has been driven by the rise of the metaverse; although the boom has passed, its impact to industry still last long. Low latency, low power consumption, and miniaturized sensing and display technologies such as mixed reality and digital twins are essential as basic building blocks of the metaverse. This forum invited scholars from academic field and industry leaders to analyze and discuss the development of related optoelectronic and semiconductor technologies and gave valuable opinions on the future development direction.


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