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Opportunities and Challenges for Optical Connectivity in Cloud Datacenters(Finished)
Time:Sep 6, PM
Site:10C, 2nd Floor, Hall 10
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Surging demand for Cloud services, especially those enabled by AI applications, has accelerated the adoption of next generation optical technologies. The innovations being adopted include 800G and 1.6T optical transceivers and AOCs, co-packaged optics and even optical switching. Can the industry supply chain keep up with the market demand and invest into development of new products? Is there an opportunity for new materials and device designs? How will datacenter architectures change in the future?
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Conference agenda

Opportunities and Challenges for Optical Connectivity in Cloud Datacenters(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
13:40-14:00AI creates a new wave in demand for optical transceiversVlad Kozlov, LightCounting, CEO
14:00-14:20AI Network brings Challenge to OpticsQin Chen, Alibaba, Optical Network Architect
14:20-14:40Integrated Photonics in Data CenterTibor Feng, Tencent, Optical Network Architect
14:40-15:00Meta Data Center Optical NetworkingQing Wang, Meta Platform, Optics Tech Lead
15:00-15:20Hot Topics and Trends in High-Speed OptoelectronicsLu Liu, CAICT, Senior Technical & Standard Engineer
15:20-15:30Tea break
15:30-15:50Advanced optical connectivity for next-generation network and AI/ML applicationsZhouwen Yin, Coherent, Senior Product Director
15:50-16:10800G Optics Solutions and Silicon Photonics Linggang Yang, HGG, Senior expert of Datacom Product Line
16:10-16:30Trends of Optoelectronic Technology in Data Centers in the Era of Computing Power Network Can Zhang, HiSilicon Optoelectronics, Senior Architect for Opto-Electronis
16:30-16:50AI inside the Data Center, 1.6Tbps and beyondYan Chen, Marvell, Sr. Director of Product Marketing&Management
16:50-17:10 Advanced Technologies of Edge Emitting Semiconductor Laser for High-Speed Datacenter NetworksLucas Pan, Yuanjie,CTO
Host:Xue Zhou,LightCounting

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