Infrared Technology and Market Development Forum

Infrared Technology and Market Development Forum
Date:Sep 6-8
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

The development of domestic infrared industry benefits from the new application expansion and price drop, the key factor is the continuous innovation of infrared technology. Domestic infrared industry manufacturers have made breakthroughs in the key aspects of detector chip technology, WLP packaging technology, dedicated infrared ASIC processing chips and low-cost infrared optics. Low cost wafer level (WLP) packaging technology has achieved mass production; Batch application of special infrared ASIC processor chip; Significant advances have been made in low-cost infrared optics. These technological advances directly promote the rapid development of domestic infrared industry. Through the efforts of domestic infrared companies for nearly ten years, China's infrared technology not only broke the monopoly and blockade of Western technology, to achieve domestic independence, but also by virtue of advanced technology and excellent quality and the industrial gap between Europe and the United States gradually narrowed. From the YOLE 2020 survey can be seen that China's infrared in 2019 accounted for 15% of the world's share in 2020, the world accounted for 44%, it is estimated that by 2025 China will occupy the global infrared market share of 64%.

The "Infrared Industry Technology and Market Development Forum" will invite experts from well-known scientific research institutes at home and abroad, as well as senior executives from well-known enterprises to gather together to discuss the new development opportunities of the infrared industry from the perspective of industrial chain technology development and market application.


Shanghai institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics

China International Optoelectronic Exposition


Millimeter Wave and Teraherte Alliance

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Zhejiang Advanced Infrared Optoelectronic Materials and Device Engineering Research Center

Aviation Industry Corporation of China Jinan Special Structure Research Institute


Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Southern Power Grid Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Optics & Optoelectronics Industry Association (SZOOIA)


Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd

Infrared Materials and Devices Technology Innovation and Development Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 6, PM

Venue:6A, 2nd Floor, Hall 6

The development of infrared materials and devices determines the development level of infrared technology, the continuous expansion of the infrared industry market scale, and the broad demand space have effectively promoted the development of optoelectronic materials, advanced devices and integrated circuit technology in China, and gradually moved towards the era of autonomy. Cadmium zinc telluride material is the current international and domestic manufacturing of room temperature infrared detection, X-ray detection, gamma ray detection, nuclear radiation and high-energy radiation detectors the most advanced, excellent materials, can be used in security monitoring, industrial testing, electricity, medical equipment, outdoor consumption and other fields. Infrared key devices are inseparable from the mass production and supply of core high-purity materials such as cadmium tellurium zinc, etc. Only through continuous innovation and breakthrough of technical bottlenecks can domestic infrared enterprises break the monopoly of foreign semiconductor core raw materials, make core materials localized, and achieve import substitution in the semiconductor field. It provides stable and reliable core raw materials for infrared detection, solar energy, integrated circuit chips, etc.


Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power System Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 7, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

In the downstream application of infrared technology, the highest penetration rate and the most mature application is the power industry. According to relevant statistics, the total demand for infrared thermal imaging equipment in the power field reaches about 25,000 units, and the total market demand is about 2 billion yuan. For power system construction, operation and maintenance related operations, infrared thermal imaging technology is indispensable. In the long-term operation of the power system, due to its own aging and the influence of the external environment, many equipment and lines will have different degrees of thermal defects (temperature abnormalities), which is easy to cause different types of safety hazards. Infrared thermal imaging can capture the temperature of stationary and moving target objects without direct contact with the surface of the measured object. Obtain the target temperature distribution infrared map, detect temperature anomalies, uneven heat distribution and other problems, so as to help timely find and locate defects, eliminate potential hazards, optimize the production process, improve the quality control system.


Infrared Technology and Visual Technology in Industrial Application Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 7, PM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

The application of infrared technology in the field of industrial manufacturing and testing is gradually widespread, and its miniaturization, high efficiency, high precision, intelligence, automation, online processing monitoring integration application characteristics are closely linked to automotive manufacturing, semiconductor and electronic manufacturing, food packaging, iron and steel metallurgy, storage management and other industrial applications. On the other hand, with the rapid popularization of Internet big data, artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence algorithm technology and the upgrading requirements of processing and manufacturing, more and more machine vision technology plans to penetrate into the metrological verification and inspection industry. Visual positioning requires machine vision technology system software to quickly and accurately find the part under test and determine its position. In industrial inspection applications based on machine vision, thermal data is crucial. For the thermal anomalies of the equipment, the infrared thermal imager began to enter the field of vision as a non-contact temperature measuring instrument, which not only adds a reliable consideration dimension for machine vision, but also provides a perfect solution for non-destructive testing and 24h real-time temperature monitoring.


Terahertz Technology Trend and Application Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 8, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

In recent years, the continuous exploration of millimeter wave and terahertz technology has made the terahertz field gradually find its place in some commercial applications. With the development of various devices, a number of gradually improved industrial development directions of Terahertz have been formed, such as: Terahertz security inspection, material testing, satellite communications, 6G technology, etc. At present, millimeter wave terahertz applications have penetrated into every aspect of People's Daily life. However, compared with millimeter wave technology, the research of terahertz technology still has great space for exploration, and the development of large-scale commercial development still lacks an efficient, coherent and compact industrial chain. In order for terahertz waves to be widely accepted and used in real-world scenarios, various problems must be solved or improved. For example, high power and compact terahertz sources, miniaturized terahertz measurement systems, faster terahertz beam scanning methods, lower terahertz system costs, etc. There are still a large number of potential underutilized spectrum resources in the terahertz field. How to solve the problems in infrared and terahertz fields will stimulate the new development of terahertz technology in various fields and open up broad application fields.


International Infrared Materials, System Devices and Market Development Forum (Finished)

Date:Sept 17, AM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

With the maturity of infrared technology, a variety of low-cost infrared thermal imaging products suitable for civil use continue to come out, infrared thermal imaging instrument is widely used in consumer electronics, industrial temperature measurement, security and fire protection, outdoor sports, automatic driving, medical and epidemic prevention and other fields. In addition to the traditional application industry and field, there will be more emerging market demand to become the new growth pole of the infrared imaging market in the future. On this background, International Infrared Materials, System Devices and Market Development Forum will be held at the same time of China International Optoelectronic Expo. The forum will focus on the technology and market of infrared chain. The organizing committee will invite experts from domestic and foreign infrared research institutes, experts from leading enterprises in the industry, to discuss the technological change from scientific research to industrial application.


Infrared Technology Marching into Cilvil Fields(Finished)

Date:Sept 17, PM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

At present, consumer electronic products are developing in the direction of precision and high-end. The development of 5G and the Internet of Things has given the market demand for multi-functional integration of mobile phones, and users are no longer satisfied with basic services of communication and entertainment. It is one of the directions of technology development to promote the convenience of end-users' life. Especially in the era of epidemic, the integration of infrared detection system for mobile phone temperature measurement has become a focus of attention for a time, which provides more imagination space for the future multifunctional development. The development of emerging markets will also become an important driving force for the growth of China's infrared thermal imaging market. The new application market will drive a rapid increase in demand and further expansion of application areas, such as smart home, smart hotel, payment security, children's health, etc. At present, both the scientific research level and the enterprise end of the infrared industry are focusing on how to accelerate the current infrared industry technology to enter more civil markets. On this background,2021 Symposium on the development of infrared technology's large-scale march into the field of consumer electronics Forum will focus on the development of the new civil market and infrared innovation technology in the application field.


Terahertz Technology and Application (Finished)

Date:Sept 16, PM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center


Terahertz Technology and Application Forum 2020 (Finished)

Date:Sep. 9, PM

Venue:1C, 2rd Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center


Session 2: The Technical Challenges and Countermeasures of the Large-scale Entry of Infrared Technology into the Consumer Field (Finished)

Date:September 10 PM,2020

Venue:1C, 2rd Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

When infrared technology is becoming more and more widely used in the field of intelligent driving, automotive products, mobile phones uav, medicine and so on, the demands from mobile phone 3C and automotive electronics are also upgrading. This forum will be discussing technical application and development trends of Infrared materials and devices on their ways into the field of civilian technology application and development direction, as well as the solutions on how to solve the key problem and the oping strategies for infrared technology into the consumer industry


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