Laser Technology and Application Innovation Forum

Laser Technology and Application Innovation Forum
Date:Sep 6-7
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

The current domestic manufacturing environment: the overall recovery, the international manufacturing industry has entered the "optical processing" era, and the Chinese manufacturing industry "optical machining" era is rising, for the laser processing equipment market development has laid a foundation for expansion. After the epidemic, the completed fixed asset investment in the manufacturing industry gradually picked up, and the growth rate of the laser industry is correlated with the growth of the manufacturing investment. In the latter part of the epidemic, the manufacturing industry continued to recover and the laser processing penetration rate of advanced processing equipment continued to improve the dual background, the laser equipment industry boom continues to improve.

More diversified laser processing applications To promote the development of laser industry, laser and laser equipment market scale increased year by year. Downstream laser equipment in the market segments including laser processing, laser display, laser medical, laser measurement, 3D printing and many other fields, laser processing as the main field, High power cutting welding, micro-machining, medical treatment and remote sensing are the most popular and main application scenes. In the past three years, the market share of laser marking has decreased, and the proportion of cutting welding process has increased.

To promote the development of laser industry, laser and laser equipment market scale increased year by year. Downstream laser equipment in the market segments including laser processing, laser display, laser medical, laser measurement, 3D printing and many other fields, laser processing as the main field, High power cutting welding, micro-machining, medical treatment and remote sensing are the most popular and main application scenes. In the past three years, the market share of laser marking has decreased, and the proportion of cutting welding process has increased.


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Semiconductor Laser Technology Innovation and Application Forum (Finished)

Date:Sep 6, PM

Venue:2C, 2nd Floor, Hall 2

Semiconductor bears the responsibility of protecting the strategic security of domestic industry, and the trend of "domestic substitution" of supply chain localization is inevitable. With the accelerated deployment of "new infrastructure", it will promote the third-generation semiconductor industry represented by silicon carbide to enter the development dividend period, and further achieve all-round penetration in new infrastructure fields such as 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed rail and intercity rail transit, smart grid, big data center and industrial Internet. In the context of the rise of the manufacturing industry in China's optical processing era, the development of the domestic semiconductor industry is unstoppable, and the proportion of wafer production capacity in the world continues to grow. The overall demand for semiconductors determines the simultaneous expansion of the scale of semiconductor materials and the industry processing market. The laser processing technology with the advantages of fine processing and ultrafast processing is gradually replacing the traditional processing methods of chips. In the era of the chip outbreak, what further needs do high-quality product quality have for processing technology? What are the highlights of the application development of laser technology?


Laser Technology Enabling Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Forum (Finished)

Date:Sep 7, AM

Venue:2C, 2nd Floor, Hall 2

With the expansion of global automobile market demand, the purpose of automobile intelligent manufacturing is very clear, that is, to reduce energy consumption, improve quality and efficiency, achieve lean production, and improve the overall manufacturing level of automobile enterprises. The automotive industry is also one of the most widely used areas of laser processing, automated laser welding has become the most widely used technology in the automotive industry, throughout the entire process of automobile manufacturing. Taking the four major process links of vehicle manufacturing "stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly" as an example, laser technology plays a huge role in the "stamping, welding, and final assembly" link, which has brought huge economic benefits to vehicle manufacturers. Laser processing has been widely used in the process of dealing with vehicle structures, and its combination with robotics makes laser technology more flexible and easy to achieve automation to meet the core requirements of the entire industry. Especially in the small batch production of constantly changing models, the combination of laser processing technology and robot technology has its advantages. Driven by the development of the new energy automobile industry, we believe that laser processing technology will continue to play a leading role in the production and manufacturing of automotive bodies, including lithium new energy.


Laser Technology Enabling New Energy Lithium Battery Manufacturing Forum (Finished)

Date:Sep 7, PM

Venue:2C, 2nd Floor, Hall 2

Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, high voltage, environmental protection, long life and fast charging, which are favored by 3C digital, power tools and other industries, and their contribution to the new energy vehicle industry is particularly outstanding. With the global energy crisis and environmental pollution problems becoming increasingly prominent, energy conservation, environmental protection and other issues have become an important part of the development of national strategies. As the lithium battery industry that provides the power source of new energy vehicles, the quality of the battery directly determines the performance of the new energy vehicle, which puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy and controllability of the lithium battery processing and the quality of the processing machine. In the lithium battery manufacturing process, due to the high precision and high production efficiency of laser welding, it has the incomparable advantages of resistance spot welding and ultrasonic welding, and has been widely used in the field of lithium batteries. Under the pressure of the surging market demand and the expansion period of domestic new energy power battery capacity, the process difficulties of lithium battery laser welding have also received attention.


光/激光医疗技术论坛 (已结束)
Optics/Laser Medical Technology Forum (Finished)

Date:Sep 7, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 2

As a major scientific and technological achievement, laser technology is an effective means of clinical treatment, which is widely used in the fields of heart, cancer, eye, ear, nose, pharynx, teeth, skin, gynecology, orthopedics, urology and beauty. At the same time, it is also a key technology in medical diagnosis, and many new technologies have emerged in diagnosis and basic theoretical research, such as digital PCR technology, laser flow cytometry technology, laser fluorescence microscopy & confocal microscopy, photoacoustic imaging technology, laser holographic technology, laser induced spectroscopy technology, etc. In the clinical application of laser medicine, the formation of three major laser treatment technologies: intense laser therapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT), low laser therapy (LLLT), not only for the study of life science and the occurrence and development of diseases opened up a new way, more clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases to provide a new means. With the change of modern medical model, the application field of laser medicine is moving forward from disease diagnosis and treatment to disease prevention, and leading the transformation of medical diagnosis and treatment model with precision, minimally invasive and non-invasive as the direction of technological breakthrough.


Optoelectronic Power Medical Cosmetology Technology and Market Development Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 7, PM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 2

Photoelectric medical beauty, also known as energy source medical beauty, usually refers to the use of laser, intense pulse light, radio frequency, ultrasound, frozen fat dissolution and other photoelectric technology on the skin. Different laser technologies can accurately and effectively solve different skin problems. For example, the principle of selective photothermal action is often used to solve pigmented diseases, the extended selective photothermal action can act on the treatment of hair removal and skin vascular diseases, and the focal photothermal action principle can make the skin remodeled and firming, improving the effect of facial rejuvenation. With the advancement of laser technology and the upgrading of optoelectronic equipment, the effectiveness of optoelectronic projects is also improving, and the development of non-invasive light medical beauty projects is constantly promoted, and the characteristics of simple operation, small trauma, short recovery period and low risk greatly reduce the decision-making cost of consumers, occupying the dominant position of the medical beauty market.


Laser Micro-nano Processing and Manufacturing Forum(Finished)

Date:Sep 7, PM

Venue:2A, 2nd Floor, Hall 2

With the increasing market demand for miniaturized and high-precision new functional devices such as integrated chips and flexible sensing components, people have put forward new requirements for high-quality structural processing or modification of materials, and at the same time, it has driven the continuous progress of new materials and new processing technologies, and has gradually promoted China's manufacturing industry to expand into the field of fine and micro-processing. Laser micro-nano processing and manufacturing technology with its ultra-small scale to achieve the ultimate processing accuracy, non-destructive processing characteristics, in the consumer electronics, new energy, semiconductor, aerospace and medical fields are widely used, but also for the consumer electronics industry precision processing has brought a better solution.


AI Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Automation Application Forum

Date:Sep 6 PM

Venue:2A,2nd Floor,Hall 2


International Laser Technology and Innovative Application Forum (Finished)

Date:Sept 16, PM. 2021

Venue:2C, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

With the continuous technological innovation and improvement of domestic laser enterprises, China's medium and low power lasers and processing equipment have been gradually climbing towards the high wall of domestic production. But the existing problem, high capacity, low power laser market prices still cannot meet the requirements of application market, how to popularize and promote laser processing equipment technology and price advantages in the 3C manufacturing industry, the application of low power laser and equipment companies need to face the reality of the problem., On the other hand, the enterprise is faced with problems such as how to meet the demand of high-end electronics industry processing customers, and how to improve the processing equipment of fine and stabilization. In terms of high-power laser technology and processing equipment, foreign laser enterprises that master high-end core technology are stepping up the deployment of China's huge demand market. In addition to facing technological innovation, domestic high-power laser enterprises also need to solve the problem of how to stabilize the domestic market.


协同创新,促进激光技术向超快精密集成化发展   ——5G和3C消费电子领域的应用新机遇(已结束)
Opportunities for Laser Application in 5G and 3C (Finished)

Date:Sept 17, AM. 2021

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 2, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

At present, the global manufacturing industry is on the road to precision, integration, and intelligence development. Micromachining technology is becoming the mainstream technology trend of precision manufacturing, and has become an important research topic of all countries in the world. It is not only the requirement of global manufacturing upgrade, but also the development trend to realize the structure, texture and micro-hole processing with micron, submicron and nanometer precision on the material surface or three-dimensional space and eliminate the influence of thermal effect as much as possible. The 3C electronic manufacturing industry and industrial manufacturing industry in South China also continue to drive the development of the laser processing field, and the laser equipment industry has a broad market development space. The development of China's laser industry still has core device bottlenecks and key technical problems at the moment. TR promote the laser industry between the subdivision of the integration of the development of the field, to promote industry-academy-research collaborative innovation, to improve complete sets of equipment and supporting technology, the link between the industrial chain closely cooperate to meet the needs of the industry., are exactly the topic discussed in the "Opportunities for Laser Application in 5G and 3C". The conference will work with well-known enterprises of downstream laser processing equipment, laser processing equipment enterprises, well-known enterprises of 3C electronic manufacturing industry at the application end and experts of scientific research and academia to discuss together, and promote the laser industry to the road of innovation and development.


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