Laser Forum

Laser Forum
Date:Sep 6-7
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

The current domestic manufacturing environment: the overall recovery, the international manufacturing industry has entered the "optical processing" era, and the Chinese manufacturing industry "optical machining" era is rising, for the laser processing equipment market development has laid a foundation for expansion. After the epidemic in February 2020, the completed fixed asset investment in the manufacturing industry gradually picked up, and the growth rate of the laser industry is correlated with the growth of the manufacturing investment. In the latter part of the epidemic, the manufacturing industry continued to recover and the laser processing penetration rate of advanced processing equipment continued to improve the dual background, the laser equipment industry boom continues to improve.

More diversified laser processing applications To promote the development of laser industry, laser and laser equipment market scale increased year by year. Downstream laser equipment in the market segments including laser processing, laser display, laser medical, laser measurement, 3D printing and many other fields, laser processing as the main field, High power cutting welding, micro-machining, medical treatment and remote sensing are the most popular and main application scenes. In the past three years, the market share of laser marking has decreased, and the proportion of cutting welding process has increased.


China International Optoelectronic Exposition


The Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR)


Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM)

Shenzhen Optics & Optoelectronics Industry Association (SZOOIA)

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

South China Normal University

Hubei Laser Industry Association

Key & Core Technology Innovation Institute of the Greater Bay Area

Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology

Shenzhen 3D Printing Association


China International Optoelectronic Conference office

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd

China Laser Entrepreneur Leadership Summit



With the rapid development of the laser industry, China is gradually achieving major breakthroughs in key core laser technologies and high-end products, as well as the localization of key technologies in the laser industry chain. The market share of domestic laser products and the competitiveness of enterprises have been greatly improved, further enhancing the domestic and international competitiveness and influence of laser industry in the digital, information and intelligent era, and providing advanced technology driving force for the high-speed and high-quality development of the national advanced manufacturing industry.



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