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Optoelectronic Power Medical Cosmetology Technology and Market Development Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 7, PM
Site:Conference Room, Hall 2
Co hosting
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Anti Aging Medical Beauty Conference(AMWC)
Photoelectric medical beauty, also known as energy source medical beauty, usually refers to the use of laser, intense pulse light, radio frequency, ultrasound, frozen fat dissolution and other photoelectric technology on the skin. Different laser technologies can accurately and effectively solve different skin problems. For example, the principle of selective photothermal action is often used to solve pigmented diseases, the extended selective photothermal action can act on the treatment of hair removal and skin vascular diseases, and the focal photothermal action principle can make the skin remodeled and firming, improving the effect of facial rejuvenation. With the advancement of laser technology and the upgrading of optoelectronic equipment, the effectiveness of optoelectronic projects is also improving, and the development of non-invasive light medical beauty projects is constantly promoted, and the characteristics of simple operation, small trauma, short recovery period and low risk greatly reduce the decision-making cost of consumers, occupying the dominant position of the medical beauty market.
The "Optoelectronic Power Medical Cosmetology Technology and Market Development Forum" will invite senior experts from well-known domestic medical beauty institutions/hospitals, laser medical beauty equipment manufacturers, solution manufacturers, and laser head companies to share the development status and application of laser to facial rejuvenation new technology, and discuss the current status and future development trend of medical beauty energy sources.
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Conference agenda

Optoelectronic Power Medical Cosmetology Technology and Market Development Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:05-14:25To explore the application of large focal region focused ultrasound in facial rejuvenationPingyi Liu,Shenzhen Mingli Medical Beauty Clinic.doctor
14:25-14:45One-Stop Solution of Core Components for Laser Medical DeviceBo Huang,CRYSTECH Inc.Sales Director
14:45-15:05High power semiconductor laser chip and module for medical and beauty fieldHai Hu,Shenzhen Ruibo Optical Electronics Co., LTD.General manager
15:05-15:25The application of laser equipment in skin beauty departmentsWenlei Zhao, Shenzhen GSD Technology Co., Ltd .General manager
15:25-15:45Application of fiber laser in medical beauty industryJunying Wang,Shenzhen Lianpin Laser Technology Co., LTD.General manager
15:45-16:05Facial Rejuvenation Treatment - Details of modern photoelectric beauty techniquesMingjian Fu,Shenzhen Boai Shuguang Hospital.Head of cosmetic dermatology
HOST:Mingjian Fu,Shenzhen Boai Shuguang Hospital.Head of cosmetic dermatology

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