Infrared Forum

Infrared Forum
Date:September 16-18, 2021
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Infrared industry on China started late, but in the past decade, the development of domestic infrared industry and technological progress are very significant.The development of domestic infrared industry benefits from new application expansion and price decline, and the innovation of infrared technology is the key factor leading to significant price decline. Domestic infrared industry manufacturers have made breakthroughs in detector chip technology, WLP packaging technology, dedicated infrared ASIC processing chip and low-cost infrared optics. 12 micron small pixel infrared detector has become the mainstream of the industry. Low-cost wafer level (WLP) packaging enables mass production; Special infrared ASIC processor chip batch application; Significant advances have been made in low-cost infrared optics. These technological advances directly promote the rapid development of domestic infrared industry.

2021 Infrared Industry Technology and Market Development Frontier Forum will invite experts from well-known research institutes at home and abroad and senior leaders of well-known enterprises in the industry to gather together and jointly discuss new opportunities for the development of the infrared industry from the perspective of industrial chain technology development and market application development.


Shanghai institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics

China International Optoelectronic Exposition


IRay Technology Co., Ltd.

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Shenzhen Optics & Optoelectronics Industry Association (SZOOIA)

International Infrared Materials, System Devices and Market Development Forum

Date:Sept 17, AM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

With the maturity of infrared technology, a variety of low-cost infrared thermal imaging products suitable for civil use continue to come out, infrared thermal imaging instrument is widely used in consumer electronics, industrial temperature measurement, security and fire protection, outdoor sports, automatic driving, medical and epidemic prevention and other fields. In addition to the traditional application industry and field, there will be more emerging market demand to become the new growth pole of the infrared imaging market in the future. On this background, International Infrared Materials, System Devices and Market Development Forum will be held at the same time of China International Optoelectronic Expo. The forum will focus on the technology and market of infrared chain. The organizing committee will invite experts from domestic and foreign infrared research institutes, experts from leading enterprises in the industry, to discuss the technological change from scientific research to industrial application.


Infrared Technology Marching into Cilvil Fields

Date:Sept 17, PM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

At present, consumer electronic products are developing in the direction of precision and high-end. The development of 5G and the Internet of Things has given the market demand for multi-functional integration of mobile phones, and users are no longer satisfied with basic services of communication and entertainment. It is one of the directions of technology development to promote the convenience of end-users' life. Especially in the era of epidemic, the integration of infrared detection system for mobile phone temperature measurement has become a focus of attention for a time, which provides more imagination space for the future multifunctional development. The development of emerging markets will also become an important driving force for the growth of China's infrared thermal imaging market. The new application market will drive a rapid increase in demand and further expansion of application areas, such as smart home, smart hotel, payment security, children's health, etc. At present, both the scientific research level and the enterprise end of the infrared industry are focusing on how to accelerate the current infrared industry technology to enter more civil markets. On this background,2021 Symposium on the development of infrared technology's large-scale march into the field of consumer electronics Forum will focus on the development of the new civil market and infrared innovation technology in the application field.


Terahertz Technology and Application

Date:Sept 16, PM. 2021

Venue:1A, 2nd Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center


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