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Intelligent Optical Network Technology Seminar (Finished)
Time:April 6th,2023
Site:C114 online studio
Co hosting
China International Optoelectronic Expo(CIOE)
With the introduction of SDN, AI, and other new technologies, optical network is given a brand-new definition. Especially in the 5G era, the network architecture is more complex. Due to the increasing functions and performance, and the massive data traffic and the emergency of new business models, making the requirements for optical network bearing capacity are getting increasingly high. The industry needs to achieve intelligent management, ultimate experience, and flexible openness of optical networks by means of artificial intelligence to achieve the goal of improving user experience and reducing operating costs. However, to build automotive optical networks, realize the intelligent evolution of optical network to all-optical base, and break through bottlenecks such as cost, technology, and application scenarios, the industry needs collaborative innovation.

Conference agenda

Intelligent Optical Network Technology Seminar (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:05-14:25Intelligent flexible programmable "IP+ optical" networkRentao Gu, Professor and doctoral supervisor, School of Information and Communication Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
14:25-14:45All-Optical Autonomous Driving Network Solution Facilitates High-Quality Development of All-Optical NetworksXianlong Luo, Chief Architect of Huawei NCE Optical Network Domain, Huawei
14:45-15:05Reflections on intelligent optical networksGuangquan Wang, Chief engineer of China Unicom Research Institute
15:05-15:25Open and Autonomous Optical Access NetworkGuanhua Lu, Head of FNBC, NI GCHN, Nokia Shanghai Bell
15:25-15:45Build Once, Run AnywhereSiyuan Zhang , Deputy Head of ONBC, NI GCHN, Nokia Shanghai Bell
15:45-16:05Research and Practice of Intelligent Optical Network Technology for Computing Force NetworkYunbo Li, Chief researcher of China Telecom Research Institute
16:05-16:25Intelligent evolution of optical network management and operationQian Hu, Deputy Director, Transport Network Research Center of China Telecom Research Institute
16:25-16:45Optical Data Center Interconnection: from open and disaggregation to intelligent managementLiang Dou, Staff Engineer, Alibaba Group
14:00-14:05Opening SpeechEnd

Guest Introduction

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