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Seminar on Infrared Thermal Imaging for the Energy Sector (Finished)
Time:March 7, 2023
Site:Suzhou WUJIANG Hotel
In recent years, the field of computer vision and multimodal learning has developed rapidly. The fusion of long-wave infrared and visible light, for example, can enable high-definition imaging, accurate temperature measurement -- highlighting expected failures or damaged components of electrical infrastructure, while combining artificial intelligence (AI) for intelligent diagnosis and automatic warning. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be used to realize the digitization of equipment, environment and behavior state, provide visual, digital and intelligent security monitoring solutions for power grid enterprises, achieve the management goals of safe production, quality and efficiency improvement and lean service, and improve the resource allocation, security and intelligent interaction capabilities of enterprises. We will promote the digital transformation of power grid enterprises and facilitate the construction of smart power grids.

Conference agenda

Seminar on Infrared Thermal Imaging for the Energy Sector (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
9:30~9:40amWelcome speechYang Gengshuo, Vice President of CIOE
9:40~9:50amThe speech of Suzhou government Gu Bin,Suzhou Development and Reform Commission Electric Power Department,Director
9:50~10:00amThe speech of Suzhou photoelectric associationFeng Feng, Executive Secretary General of Suzhou Photoelectric Industry Chamber of Commerce
10:00~10:20amThe coordinated development of infrared technology facilitates the digital transformation of power gridZhang Yong ,Jiangsu Hongyuan Electric co. Ltd,R&d technical director
10:20~10:40amApplication of infrared thermal imaging technology in power system energy saving and emission reductionZhongliang, Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology CO., LTD, Sales manager
10:40~11:00amResearch on on-line monitoring of power equipment based on infrared thermal imagingHuali XU, Wuhan Gaode Zhigan Technology Co., Ltd,Product manager
11:00~11:20amInfrared photoelectron technology for SF6 gas leakage monitoring of power equipmentJunqi Liu, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences& University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Professor
11:20~11:40amApplication and progress of infrared thermometry windowYin,Lijun General Manager of Bright Crystals Technology,Inc. , SINOMA Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd
11:40~12:00amResearch progress of antimony infrared detectors at home and abroadYanqiu LV, AVIC Kaimai (Shanghai) Infrared Technology Co., Ltd, General manager
Lunch time
13:30~13:50 PMThe trend of intelligent operation and inspection technology of new power system and its applicationPengWang,Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., LTD,Senior designer
13:50~14:10 PMDigital transformation technology and standardization application of power grid inspectionLU TIELIN,Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute,Senior Engineer
14:10~14:30 PMInfrared thermal imaging enables intelligent power generation inspectionRao Wenting, Marketing Director of Power Generation, Hangzhou Haikang Micro Image Sensor Technology Co., LTD
14:30~14:50 PMApplication of UAV infrared thermal imaging in power systemWinston Wen,GUANGZHOU KEII ELECTRO OPTICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., Deputy Manager
14:50~15:10PMApplication of infrared imaging performance test system in energy fieldWang Depei,Beijing Oriental Science and Technology Development Co., LTD,General Manager
15:10-15:30 PMIntelligent operation and maintenance solutions for photovoltaic power stationsYao wei,Zhejiang Dali Technology Co., Ltd,Technical engineer
15:30-15:50PMThermal image lens apply on monitoring electronical internet Gong Guangbiao MKS/Ophir Wan Ji Instrument Senior regional Sales Manager
15:50-16:10pmApplication of Fujirui infrared intelligent detection system in electric powerChaoyu Cui, Beijing Fujirui Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD,Sales Manager
Roundtable discussion
March 30 , 2023
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