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Linear Drive Enables Green All-Optical Connectivity for DCs (Finished)
Time:08:00–10:30, March 22, 2023
Site:Zoom online conference room
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On March 22, 2023, IPEC and LightCounting will hold a global webinar titled "Linear Drive Enables Green All-Optical Connectivity for Data Centers." Experts from Meta, Huawei, NVIDIA, Ranovus, MACOM, Source Photonics, and Nubis Communications will be invited to share their views and discuss the key technical challenges of linear drive technology, whether it will meet market demands, and its future application scenarios. (1) In which scenarios will optical system solutions using linear drive technology most likely be first applied? (2) Does the linear pluggable solution differ from the CPO solution in terms of application scenarios? Will the linear pluggable optics solution affect CPO application progress? (3) Are there any prerequisites for applying linear drive technology to pluggable optics and CPO solutions? What are the key features? What is the current research progress? (4) Unlike the linear CPO integrated solution, the linear pluggable solution requires a series of analog interface standardization work. Due to tight optical-electrical coupling in its overall link performance, does the linear pluggable solution need more technical collaboration to ensure the construction of an open ecosystem that can be interconnected? What are the challenges in its future evolution?
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Conference agenda

Linear Drive Enables Green All-Optical Connectivity for DCs (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
10minWelcome & IntroductionIPEC President
10minIndustry at a CrossroadsVladimir Kozlov, LightCounting Founder and CEO
10minPerspective on Linear Direct Drive Pluggable OpticsJanet Chen,Technical Sourcing Manager of Meta
10minWhy is Linear Drive ImportantCraig Thompson, Nvidia
10minA framework for developing non-retimed optical linksJeff Hutchins,Director of Optical Technologies, CTO Office of RANOVUS
10minOpportunities and Challenges for Linear Drive TechnologyMan Jiangwei, Director of Huawei's Advanced Opto-Electronics Laboratory
10minLinear(MACOM PURE DRIVETM)Drive Technology in High-speed Optical LinksRyan Latchman,MACOM Vice President, High -Performance Connectivity Product Marketing
10minThe Perspectives of Linear Optical PluggablesFrank Chang, Source Photonics Chief Engineer and CTO
10minLinear Optical Pluggables for 100G and 200G per LanePeter Winzer,Founder & CTO of Nubis Communications
10minSystem Modeling of Linear Transceivers: Challenges and Opportunities for Link Performance Analysis Aleksey Tyshchenko,Founder & CEO of SeriaLink Systems
10minTBDAndy Bechtolsheim, Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman, Arista Networks

Guest Introduction

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