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Theme Forum: Optical Communication Integration Development Innovation Forum in 5G +F5G Era(Finished)
Time:September 9, PM&September 10, PM 2020
Site:LM103ABC, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center
China International Optoelectronic Exposition
The development of 5G and the new generation of information and communication industry has greatly affected and promoted the innovation and development of the industry chains, such as chips, devices, modules, systems, networks, fiber optic cables, and 5G small base station construction. The 5G network has large bandwidth, large traffic and high speed, wide coverage and large connection, high reliability and low latency. It poses new challenges to optical transport networks, optical access networks, and optical network architectures. The forum will be discussing what new deployment schemes and solutions will there be for transmission equipment, optical access equipment, and fiber optic cables. It’s a must-attend forum for operators, top systemequipment vendors, and fiber optic cable manufacturers and peers from the supplier chain.
This Conference has two Session. Session 1: Optical Transport Networks' Technical Innovation and Development in the 5G Era Session 2:Optical Broadband Access Integration Development in the 5G Era
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Conference agenda

Theme Forum: Optical Communication Integration Development Innovation Forum in 5G +F5G Era(Finished)
13:25-13:30Qian Mao, Chief Engineer, Former Vice President of Wuhan University of Posts and Telecommunications, Honorary Director of China Institute of Communications
13:30-13:55Optical Transport Hotspot Technology and Development Trend Haiyi Zhang, Deputy Director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of China Information and Communication Research Institute
13:55-14:20Technology and application development for 5G Front-haul and Back-haulHan Li, Chief Expert of CMCC, and Deputy Director of the Department of Network and IT Technology, China Mobile Research Institute
14:20-14:45All-Optical Network, Building premium experience in 5G+F5G EraSimon Lu, President of Transmission Network Domain, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
14:45-15:10Allocation and Optimization for Time-Frequency-Space Resources in Multi-Dimensional Multiplexing Optical Networks Jie Zhang, Executive Dean of School of Electronic Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Vice Director of State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications
15:10-15:30Innovative Development of Intelligent Open Optical Transport NetworkXiongyan Tang, Chief Scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute、Chief Architect of China Unicom Intelligent Network Center
15:40-16:05Discussion on the Revolution OTN Technology in the Cloud-Centric EraJunjie Li, Chief Expert of Optical Transport Network, China Telecom
16:05-16:25Innovation and Development of Optical Transport Network in the 5G Era Yong Chen, Chief Engineer of OTN Product of ZTE Corporation
16:25-16:45Open Up a 400GE & Intelligent IP EraMeng Zuo, Vice President of Data Communication Product Line
16:45-17:055G Network Helps Smart Broadcasting NetworkWilson·Lee, Director of Broadcasting Industry Center, Senior Engineer of GUANGDONG Planning and Designing Institute of telecommunications Co.,LTD.
13:30-13:55Double 5G promotes New Infrastruture Construction Li Ao, Director/Professor-level Senior Engineer of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
13:55-14:05Embracing 5th Generation Fixed Network Ming Jiang, Vice President of ETSI ISG F5G
14:05-14:30The Next Generation Optical Access Network ArchitectureDechao Zhang, Fellow of CMRI (2018-2019), Technical Manager of Transmission and Access Network, Department of Network and IT Technology, Principle Researcher
14:30-14:50”Triple-Gigabit” POL-Based Campus Networks Mingsheng Li, Chief Engineer of Optical Access Planning, ZTE
14:50-15:10New Generation PIC Technology is Boosting New InfrastructureSpark Xu, Principal Engineer of QXP Technologies Inc.
15:10-15:35Exploration on the Development and Evolution of Optical Access Network DeZhi Zhang, China Telecom Research Institute
15:45-16:10Analysis of China Unicom's Three Gigabit Key TechnologiesPei Zhang, Director, Network Product Department, Intelligent Network Innovation Center of China Unicom
16:10-16:30Digital ODN, the New Track of Passive NetworkQisheng Wu, Director of Fiber Infrastructure Network, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
16:30-16:50Optical Fiber Network is F5G’s FoundationGang Ke, Director of Product marketing, All Optical Network, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company

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5G and Next Generation Optical Communication Integration Development Innovation Forum
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