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Silicon Photonics Technology Seminar (Finished)
Time:January 12th, 2023
Site:C114 online studio
Co hosting
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition) and C114 Communication Network will jointly hold a large-scale seminar series- China Optical Communications Development Forum 2023. With the theme of “Optical Building Base, Digital Intelligence Future”, we will invite professionals from the government, operators, vertical industry users, cloud service providers, OTT vendors, system equipment vendors, optical chip/optical component/module vendors, optical fiber cable enterprises to discuss together through online seminars, offline seminars, closed-door seminars, etc., focusing on the weak links of the industry chain, aiming at the future evolution of technologies, discovering hot applications to help the high-quality development of China’s optical communication industry.
Silicon photonics has been one of the enduring hot topics in the industry. In recent years, with the rapid growth of network bandwidth, its application potential has been further explored, and domestic and overseas giants have made in-depth layouts in the silicon photonics. A report released by Yole estimates that the silicon photonics market will reach $3.9 billion by 2025. This forum will discuss the new emerging trends in the silicon photonics market, as well as new opportunities and challenges.
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Conference agenda

Silicon Photonics Technology Seminar (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:00-14:05Opening speechHost
14:05-14:25Discussion on typical application of silicon light in computing ageWenyu Zhao,Deputy Director, Institute of Technology and Standards(CAICT)
14:25-14:45Silicon Photonics for Telecom and Data Centers ApplicationsRang-Chen Yu,Sr. Vice President of SiFotonics Technologies
14:45-15:05Silicon Based Optoelectronics: the key technology for miniaturizing information systemsZhiping Zhou, Chief scientist of Beijing Aijie Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD.
15:05-15:25Evolution and iteration path of silicon optical chip in data centerMiaofeng Li,Senior technical expert of Alibaba
15:25-15:45Silicon optical technology: Enabling the next generation of green data centersXu Sun,Technical Director of Crealights technology
15:45-16:05High-performance computing networks are in the ascendance. Silicon-based optoelectronics are in full swingDr. JianSheng Feng, Optical Network Architect of Tencent
16:05-16:25Accelerating the adoption of Co-Packaged Optical InterconnectsManish Mehta,VP Marketing and Operations of Broadcom Limited

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