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AR Display, Human-Machine Interaction Sensing Technology Forum (Finished)
Time:September 5, 2019
Site:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Human-machine interaction sensing technologies applied in AR display include external touch device, voice technology, gesture interaction, eye tracking and other newly developed technologies. New human interaction sensing technology can provide a natural way of interaction, thus greatly improving the user experience of using AR display and expanding the use of AR display.
In this context, the CIOE and ASTRI are co-organizing this Forum. In this forum, we will discuss the latest development of AR display and the application of human-machine interaction sensing technology for AR display.

Conference agenda

AR Display, Human-Machine Interaction Sensing Technology Forum (Finished)
14:00-14:05Host Forum Chairperson: Kenny Chan, Director, ASTRI
14:05-14:30High refractive index glass wafer for Augmented RealityDr. Ruediger Sprengard Vice President,Head of Augmented Reality, Advanced Optics, SCHOTT AG
14:30-14:55Industrial production of 3D sensor key device VCSEL epitaxial waferGong Ping,WaterChina
14:55-15:20Augmented Reality: From Interaction PerspectiveJing Wen Dai,CTO,Ximmerse
15:20-15:45Technology exploration of ARHUD Shun Ping Miao,Carrobot Cofounder & VP
15:45-16:10Grating Light Guide Modeling and Design for AR GlassesZhu Xia, General manager, InfoTek Information Science & Technology Co., Inc.
16:10-16:35Micro/Nano optics for AR Display and SensingZhu Xiuling, Senior Manager,ASTRI

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