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Manufacturing - Ultra Precision / Micro Nano Manufacturing and Inspection Technology Seminar (Finished)
Time:September 6, 2019
Site:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Optical manufacturing and its application direction is the application field of development of higher precision, the security, the wisdom city, especially the intelligent hardware, such as smart phone applications are more was put forward the technical requirements of higher precision, this seminar discusses the present situation and the development of ultra-precision technology, high accuracy detection solutions are put forward.

Conference agenda

Manufacturing - Ultra Precision / Micro Nano Manufacturing and Inspection Technology Seminar (Finished)
13:50-17:00Host Prof. Kong Ling Bao,Fudan University
13:50-14:20Ultra-precision optical components manufacturing and testing technologyXi Hou, Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOE, CAS)
14:20-14:50Nano optical polishing technologyJian Wang, China Academy Of Engineering Physics
14:50-15:20Introduction to the 4th generation of high-precision non-contact contour testing technologyGerard Cornelis van den Eijkel CEO, DUTCH UNITED INSTRUMENTS B.V.
15:30-16:00status and development of ultra-precision manufacturing technology for aerospace large space optical componentsJi-You Zhang, China Acadamy of Space Technology
16:00-16:30Ultraviolet materials and manufacturing techniquesChang-Shun Hui, China Acadamy of Space Technology
16:30-17:00Ultra-high precision 3d detection schemeQi-ren Zhang ,Panasonic Industry (China) Co., Ltd.


Standard Price¥1500
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