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Lens Module Based Imaging Technology Forum (Finished)
Time:Sept 17, 2021
Venue:5B, 2nd Floor, Hall 5, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center
The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society
Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University
China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE)
Sunny Optical Technology(Group) CO.,LTD
Background: As the core component of vision system, optical lens and camera module directly decide the quality of imaging and the effect of later algorithm. With the expansion of application scenarios, the penetration of niche market and the increasingly stringent criteria required from leading enterprises for suppliers, lens and camera module manufacturers have accelerated high-end technology and products, forging ahead toward optical products of higher definition, precision and compactness.

Conference agenda

Lens Module Based Imaging Technology Forum (Finished)
Host:Xudong Wu, Senior director of Sunny Optics.
10:00-10:20Specialty thin glass enables 3D sensingGuangjun Zhang, Senior manager, Global product management of SCHOTT
10:20-10:40Zoom liquid lens and its application in imaging systemLei Li, Professor, Sichuan University
10:40-11:00Optical image system innovation and trend of mobile cameraXudong Wu, Senior marketing director, Sunny Optical
11:00-11:20Conception and System of Computational ImagingXiaopeng Shao, Dean, Xidian University
11:20-11:40Enabling Wafer-level Micro-/Nano-optics Technologies for Consumer Electronics and Automotive ApplicationsXinye Lou, R&D Director, Shanghai North Ocean Photonics Co., Ltd.
11:40-12:00Simulating Hologram in OpticStudioHanxiang Zhen, Chief optical engineer, Zemax
14:00-14:20Deep learning enabled 3D imaging using fringe projection profilometryChao Zuo, Professor, NJUST
14:20-14:40The latest solutions of optical lenses, lenses, appearance inspection, assemblyDaijing Yu, R&D Director, DESAY
14:40-15:00Ponder of the underlying requirements for imaging technologyJakey Tsin, Camera TDT Manager, Huawei
15:00-15:20Intelligent precision manufacturing, to help the industry upgrade, to build the Internet of Everything Charles Liu, Project Director, Shenzhen AIT Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
15:30-15:50Hyperspectral Imaging Chip – Spectral Sensing EverywhereYu Wang, CEO, Beijing Seetrum Technology Co., Ltd.
15:50-16:10AIoT – New Driver in Automotive Camera ManufacturingTian Lan, Automotive Camera Solution Expert, ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.
16:10-16:302021-2025 smart phone and car camera market development trends and strategic recommendationsEllike Chen, Vice President & Chief Analyst, Sigmaintell Consulting Co.,Ltd

Guest Introduction


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