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New Generation Machine Vision Technology for Industry 4.0 (Finished)
Time:Sept 9, PM,2020
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (BAO AN)
China International Optoelectronic Exposition
The combination of deep learning and industrial vision is to enable the vision system to train a large number of samples for more accurate detection and measurement. Deep learning allows industrial vision to be adapted into more changes and can improve the accuracy and stability during the manufacturing process especially when the surrounding environment is complex. 3D vision technology and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry in the next 10 years definitely.
This forum will focus on the technical features and application prospects of new generation machine vision technology and explore its important roles in realizing intelligent factory and smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

Conference agenda

New Generation Machine Vision Technology for Industry 4.0 (Finished)
14:00-16:35HostZhiguo He ,ASTRI
14:00-14:05Opening Speech & Group PhotoMr. Changli Wu, Senior Manager, IoT & Sensors, ASTRI
14:05-14:30Machine Vision Platform VisionPK Empower Smart ManufacturingFei Zhou, BM Vision (Shenzhen) Inc. CEO
14:30-14:55Optical Coherence Tomography for Industrial ApplicationDr. Peter Chan, Vice President of Santec Corporation
14:55-15:20Application of high-precision 3D scanning measurement technology in smart factoriesStone Ke FARO International (Shanghai) Co.,ltd
15:20-15:45New Vision of Imaging — Characteristics and Applications of line scan sensing & time strobe controlling imaging technologyZhuChun Li, Imaging Technology Unit, Dongguan Wordop Automation Technology Co., Ltd
15:45-16:10Application of Spectral Imaging Technology in Smart Breeding IndustryDr. Yunchao Zhang, Chief scientist, JOYVIO Technology Co., Ltd.
16:10-16:35Online 3D Visual Measurement and Artificial Intelligence Technology in Industry 4.0Meijing Tian, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co, Ltd. (ASTRI) Engineer,IoT and Sensors Technology Division,ASTRI

Guest Introduction

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