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AR Display Technology and Its Human Centric Sensing Applications (Finished)
Time:September 10, AM. 2020
Venue:Conference Room, Hall 3,Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (BAO AN)
ASTRI - IoT & Sensors
CIOE Committee
Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Conference agenda

AR Display Technology and Its Human Centric Sensing Applications (Finished)
10:00-12:25HostZhiguo He ,ASTRI
10:00-10:05Opening Speech & Group PhotoKenny Chan, Director, IoT & Sensors, ASTRI
10:05-10:25LCOS Microdisplay emerging display and Phase ModulationEric Jiang, GM, MAY Korea Co. Ltd
10:25-10:45New update on waveguide technology for Augmented RealityKevin Wu, Director, Schott
10:45-11:05Fabrication and Application of Holographic Waveguide Grating for Augmented RealityJunqi Yuan CEO,Sanji Optoelectronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
11:05-11:25Towards Perfect AR Displays——Design and challenges of diffractive waveguidesLEVOLA,TAPANI KALERVO, Shenzhen Optiark Semiconductor Technologies Limited Co-founder and Chief Scientist of waveguide
11:25-11:45The Development of VCSEL: From Face Recognition, 3D Re-construction and BiometricsScott Chen,iReach Corporation
11:45-12:05Mixed Reality: creating a new world by spatial interactionJingwen Dai,Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. (aka. Ximmerse)
12:05-12:25AI on Environment SensingMalik Saad Sultan

Guest Introduction

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