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Theme Forum: Latest Trend of Optics Technology and Application (Finished)
Time:Sept 16, PM. 2021
Site:5B, 2nd Floor, Hall 5, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center
Co hosting
The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society
Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University
China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE)
Background: In recent years, optical technology has accelerated a series of optimization and application, with the processing of optical components approaching the nanometer scale, the number of cameras for phones and cars increasing and the industrial grade detection becoming more and more high-speed and automatic. China’s enterprises and institutes have carved out a place in the global optical field, however in the era of oligarchy, there is urgent demand for technical breakthroughs.
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Conference agenda

Theme Forum: Latest Trend of Optics Technology and Application (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
Host:Min Xu, Professor, Fudan university
14:00-14:05Opening addressAcademician Songlin Zhuang
14:05-14:35Micro-Nano Photonic Technology in Quantum InformationAcademician Shi-ning Zhu
14:35-14:55Innovative application of mobile terminal camera imaging technologyRichard Qiu, Vice president, ArcSoft
14:55-15:20Label-free cross-scale imaging with polarized lightHui Ma, Professor, Tsinghua University
15:30-15:55Prospect of Modern Photoelectric Imaging TechnologyMin Xu, Professor, Fudan university
15:55-16:15Artificial Intelligence applied in vision sensor Wu Xu, Vice President, SmartMore Co.,Ltd.
16:15-16:35Research on glass materials for car lightsLulu MAO, Senior engineer, CDGM Co. Ltd.
16:35-16:55Market analysis of new optical applications such as lidarJun Yu, Chief analyst of communication industry, China Merchants Securities Co.,Ltd.

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