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Laser Technology Enabling Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Forum (Finished)
Time:Sep 7, AM
Site:2C, 2nd Floor, Hall 2
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd
With the expansion of global automobile market demand, the purpose of automobile intelligent manufacturing is very clear, that is, to reduce energy consumption, improve quality and efficiency, achieve lean production, and improve the overall manufacturing level of automobile enterprises. The automotive industry is also one of the most widely used areas of laser processing, automated laser welding has become the most widely used technology in the automotive industry, throughout the entire process of automobile manufacturing. Taking the four major process links of vehicle manufacturing "stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly" as an example, laser technology plays a huge role in the "stamping, welding, and final assembly" link, which has brought huge economic benefits to vehicle manufacturers. Laser processing has been widely used in the process of dealing with vehicle structures, and its combination with robotics makes laser technology more flexible and easy to achieve automation to meet the core requirements of the entire industry. Especially in the small batch production of constantly changing models, the combination of laser processing technology and robot technology has its advantages. Driven by the development of the new energy automobile industry, we believe that laser processing technology will continue to play a leading role in the production and manufacturing of automotive bodies, including lithium new energy.
The "Laser Technology Enabling Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Forum" will invite laser and laser equipment head enterprises, automotive processing technology experts, scientific research institutes and university experts, etc., to discuss how to break the foreign key technology blockade faster, improve the overall level and core competitiveness of China's laser industry, and promote automobile intelligent manufacturing.

Conference agenda

Laser Technology Enabling Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Forum (Finished)
Host: Xia hui Tang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Professor
10:00-10:05Opening Xia hui Tang,Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Professor
10:05-10:25Advanced laser manufacturing technology promotes automobile industryXiahui Tang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Professor
10:25-10:45Rayco Laser helps the rapid development of the automotive new energy industryYi Sheng,Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co, Ltd.Automotive Industry Director
10:45-11:05Towards a digital twin for manufacturing processes: laser welding caseYi Zhang, mechanical and transportation engineering, Hunan University.Professor and doctoral tutor, Vice Dean of School
11:05-11:25Application of high-performance laser welding control and detection system based on localization in BIW manufacturingBin Li,Wuhan Xinnaishi Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd.General Manager
11:25-11:45Application difficulties and related mechanism study of Laser arc hybrid welding of Al alloysMing Gao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Professor
11:45-12:05The application of laser advanced manufacturing in auto industryZufu Ye, Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co, Ltd.General Manager of Welding Product Line
11:55-12:1512:05-12:25Plastic laser welding technology promotes automobile industryBin Ding, Guangdong Huazhuo Laser Technology Co,Ltd. Executive director and general manager

Guest Introduction

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