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Infrared Materials and Devices Technology Innovation and Development Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 6, PM
Site:6A, 2nd Floor, Hall 6
Co hosting
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chines
State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
The development of infrared materials and devices determines the development level of infrared technology, the continuous expansion of the infrared industry market scale, and the broad demand space have effectively promoted the development of optoelectronic materials, advanced devices and integrated circuit technology in China, and gradually moved towards the era of autonomy. Cadmium zinc telluride material is the current international and domestic manufacturing of room temperature infrared detection, X-ray detection, gamma ray detection, nuclear radiation and high-energy radiation detectors the most advanced, excellent materials, can be used in security monitoring, industrial testing, electricity, medical equipment, outdoor consumption and other fields. Infrared key devices are inseparable from the mass production and supply of core high-purity materials such as cadmium tellurium zinc, etc. Only through continuous innovation and breakthrough of technical bottlenecks can domestic infrared enterprises break the monopoly of foreign semiconductor core raw materials, make core materials localized, and achieve import substitution in the semiconductor field. It provides stable and reliable core raw materials for infrared detection, solar energy, integrated circuit chips, etc.
The "Infrared Materials and Devices Technology Innovation and Development Forum" will invite experts in the infrared field, infrared industry chain enterprise executives and technical personnel to attend the conference to discuss the latest infrared optical materials, devices and their applications in the civil market.
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Conference agenda

Infrared Materials and Devices Technology Innovation and Development Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
13:35-13:55Technology Expectation of Electromagnetic Transmittivity and Low Infrared Emissivity MaterialsWeiwei Men ,AVIC Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites.Deputy Director
13:55-14:15Study on VOCs gas leakage detection with long-life Cooled infraredYao Gao, Hefei Hangpu Era Technology Co, Ltd.Deputy General Manager
14:15-14:35Super-polishing Techonlogy and Exploration of ApplicationKevin Zhang,Chengdu Beirui Optoelectronics Technology Co, Ltd.President
14:35-14:55Recent Advances in Infrared Chalcogenide GlassesShixun Dai,Engineering Research Center for Advanced Infrared Photoelectric Materials and Devices of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo University.Professor.
14:55-15:15High Precision Analog IC Design For Infrared SensorLiang Zou,Inbisen Semiconductor Co, Ltd. CEO
15:15-15:35Preparation on Large Aperture Common Path Precision Infrared Optical ProductsJian Zhang,Xi'an Zhongke Lead IR-Tech Co, Ltd. Vice General Manager
15:35-15:55Research progress of antimony infrared detectors at home and abroadYanqiu Lv,AVIC Kaimai(shanghai) Infrared technology Co,Ltd.General manager
15:55-16:15Present Situation And Development Trend Of Infrared Optical Materials.Hai Yang,Grinm Advanced Materials Co, Ltd.Chairman
Host: Xiaoshuang Chen Professor,Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS

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