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Terahertz Technology Trend and Application Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 8, AM
Site:Conference Room, Hall 8
Co hosting
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chines
State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Alliance (MTA)
In recent years, the continuous exploration of millimeter wave and terahertz technology has made the terahertz field gradually find its place in some commercial applications. With the development of various devices, a number of gradually improved industrial development directions of Terahertz have been formed, such as: Terahertz security inspection, material testing, satellite communications, 6G technology, etc. At present, millimeter wave terahertz applications have penetrated into every aspect of People's Daily life. However, compared with millimeter wave technology, the research of terahertz technology still has great space for exploration, and the development of large-scale commercial development still lacks an efficient, coherent and compact industrial chain. In order for terahertz waves to be widely accepted and used in real-world scenarios, various problems must be solved or improved. For example, high power and compact terahertz sources, miniaturized terahertz measurement systems, faster terahertz beam scanning methods, lower terahertz system costs, etc. There are still a large number of potential underutilized spectrum resources in the terahertz field. How to solve the problems in infrared and terahertz fields will stimulate the new development of terahertz technology in various fields and open up broad application fields.
The "Terahertz Technology Trend and Application Forum" invited Terahertz chip, device, test, application and other fields of well-known enterprises and research institutes experts, related technical personnel to carry out technical exchanges and industrial cooperation, exchange as a reference, promote a good industrial chain development ecology!
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Conference agenda

Terahertz Technology Trend and Application Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
10:05-10:25Application of terahertz technology in nondestructive testingZeren Li, Qingdao Quenda Terahertz Technologies Ltd.Chief Scientist
10:25-10:45Terahertz Technology and its Industrial Applications for Imaging, Thickness Measurement and CharacterizationKylin Qin, HongKe Technology Co,Ltd.Head of Photonics Division
10:45-11:05The Development and application of terahertz quantum devicesJuncheng Cao, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Professor
11:05-11:25Localization of terahertz optical devicesDong Wang,Huirui Optoelectronic Technology (Beijing) Co, LTD.CEO
11:25-11:45Photonic terahertz source for terahertz communicationXiang Zhu,Zhejiang Lab.Senior Research Commissioner
11:45-12:05Development of home-manufactured fiber-optic coupled terahertz photoconductive antenna and application of portable terahertz spectrometerYongzhi Fan, B-THz information technology (Wuhan) Co,Ltd. CMO
Host: Kaifeng, Song Millimeter Wave Terahertz Industry Development Alliance.Deputy Secretary General

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