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Infrared Technology and Visual Technology in Industrial Application Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 7, PM
Site:Conference Room, Hall 8
Co hosting
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chines
State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
The application of infrared technology in the field of industrial manufacturing and testing is gradually widespread, and its miniaturization, high efficiency, high precision, intelligence, automation, online processing monitoring integration application characteristics are closely linked to automotive manufacturing, semiconductor and electronic manufacturing, food packaging, iron and steel metallurgy, storage management and other industrial applications. On the other hand, with the rapid popularization of Internet big data, artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence algorithm technology and the upgrading requirements of processing and manufacturing, more and more machine vision technology plans to penetrate into the metrological verification and inspection industry. Visual positioning requires machine vision technology system software to quickly and accurately find the part under test and determine its position. In industrial inspection applications based on machine vision, thermal data is crucial. For the thermal anomalies of the equipment, the infrared thermal imager began to enter the field of vision as a non-contact temperature measuring instrument, which not only adds a reliable consideration dimension for machine vision, but also provides a perfect solution for non-destructive testing and 24h real-time temperature monitoring.
The "Infrared Technology and Visual Technology in Industrial Application Forum" will bring together industry head device manufacturers, infrared thermometer R & D manufacturers, intelligent inspection robot manufacturers, solution integrators and other enterprise senior/technical and R & D personnel, scientific research institutes and university experts, etc. It focuses on the application and technical barriers of infrared technology, vision technology, and detection technology in the industrial field.
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Conference agenda

Infrared Technology and Visual Technology in Industrial Application Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:05-14:25Research on target infrared multispectral detection system XiaohuGuo, Researcher at China North Vehicle Research Institute
14:25-14:45SAT infrared "air-ground integrated" gas detection multi-dimensional solutionZhenpeng Chen General Manager of Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co., Ltd.
15:45-16:05Thermal Imaging for the Mass Market Stanislav Markov,Meridian Innovation Co., Ltd.Director
15:05-15:25Infrared imaging detection technology and application: from macro to microQingli Li, East China Normal University.Professor
15:25-15:45Application empowerment of infrared thermal imaging in the industrial fieldLiz.Chu, Yantai Arui photoelectric Technology Co,Ltd.Solution Manager
15:45-16:05The QWIP FPAs and applications in industryNing Li, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chines.Researcher
16:05-16:25Full Band Infrared Machine Vision: Technology and ApplicationsChen Liwei,shanghai Magnity Technologies Co, Ltd.Sales Manager
Host: Shaowei Wang, Researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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