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Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power System Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 7, AM
Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chines
State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd
In the downstream application of infrared technology, the highest penetration rate and the most mature application is the power industry. According to relevant statistics, the total demand for infrared thermal imaging equipment in the power field reaches about 25,000 units, and the total market demand is about 2 billion yuan. For power system construction, operation and maintenance related operations, infrared thermal imaging technology is indispensable. In the long-term operation of the power system, due to its own aging and the influence of the external environment, many equipment and lines will have different degrees of thermal defects (temperature abnormalities), which is easy to cause different types of safety hazards. Infrared thermal imaging can capture the temperature of stationary and moving target objects without direct contact with the surface of the measured object. Obtain the target temperature distribution infrared map, detect temperature anomalies, uneven heat distribution and other problems, so as to help timely find and locate defects, eliminate potential hazards, optimize the production process, improve the quality control system.
The "Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power System Forum" aims to link power grid application terminal enterprises, infrared industry chain enterprises, and experts from scientific research institutes, to provide valuable new ideas for the application and development direction of infrared technology in power system, accelerate the collaborative development of technology, and help the digital transformation of power grid.

Conference agenda

Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power System Forum(Finished)
Host: Shaowei Wang, Researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
10:05-10:25Testing and standardization of infrared devices for smart grid inspection systemTielin Lu,Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics for Mechanical Industry Instruments and Meters.Senior Engineer
10:25-10:45The Application of Thermal Imaging in Electric Power System Vincent Zeng,Guangzhou Purpleriver Electronic Technology Co,Ltd.CEO
10:45-11:05Infrared thermal imaging empowers intelligent inspection of power generationWenting Yao,Hangzhou Haikang Micro Shadow Sensing Technology Co,Ltd.Director of Power Generation Market
11:05-11:25Application and demand of optoelectronic technology in power grid under new power systemSuwei Zhai,Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. Electric Power Science Research Institute.Technical expert
11:25-11:45Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power SystemLynred
11:45-12:05Research and application of infrared thermal imaging intelligent diagnosis technology for substation equipmentHuaixiang Wang,Deputy Director Engineer, Electrical and Control Research Center, Huadian Electric Power Research Institute
12:05-12:25Infrared diagnosis technology and application of electric power equipmentXiaoxin Liu, Manager of R&D Center of China Southern Power Grid Industrial Investment Group Co., LTD

Guest Introduction

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