Infrared Forum

Infrared Forum
Date:Dec 7-9
Venue:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

The development of domestic infrared industry benefits from the new application expansion and price drop, the key factor is the continuous innovation of infrared technology. Domestic infrared industry manufacturers have made breakthroughs in the key aspects of detector chip technology, WLP packaging technology, dedicated infrared ASIC processing chips and low-cost infrared optics. Low cost wafer level (WLP) packaging technology has achieved mass production; Batch application of special infrared ASIC processor chip; Significant advances have been made in low-cost infrared optics. These technological advances directly promote the rapid development of domestic infrared industry. Through the efforts of domestic infrared companies for nearly ten years, China's infrared technology not only broke the monopoly and blockade of Western technology, to achieve domestic independence, but also by virtue of advanced technology and excellent quality and the industrial gap between Europe and the United States gradually narrowed. From the YOLE 2020 survey can be seen that China's infrared in 2019 accounted for 15% of the world's share in 2020, the world accounted for 44%, it is estimated that by 2025 China will occupy the global infrared market share of 64%.

The "2022 Infrared Industry Technology and Market Development Forum" will invite experts from well-known scientific research institutes at home and abroad, as well as senior executives from well-known enterprises to gather together to discuss the new development opportunities of the infrared industry from the perspective of industrial chain technology development and market application.


Shanghai institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics

China International Optoelectronic Exposition


China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Millimeter Wave and Teraherte Alliance

Shenzhen Optics & Optoelectronics Industry Association (SZOOIA)


China International Optoelectronic Conference office

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd

Infrared Materials and Devices Technology Innovation and Development

Date:Dec 7, PM

Venue:6A, 2nd Floor, Hall 6

Infrared Technology and Market Development Forum 2022 From the application of infrared technology in the civilian field, the development of infrared materials and devices is viewed The continuous expansion of system-level product types and mass production scale has led to a reduction in the cost of infrared devices, which not only promotes the continuous exploration of more applications of this technology in the civilian field, but also drives the development of the basic industry driven by the technology itself. At present, the performance of domestic thermal imaging camera products has been basically close to imported products, but due to brand influence and other reasons, the price is only half of the import, the core components of infrared thermal imaging cameras mainly rely on imports, and they are far from being able to adapt to the increasingly long domestic market demand, and the core technology is subject to people. The competitiveness of domestic enterprises is mainly reflected in the overall technology, optical system design and development, follow-up circuits, image processing software, etc., in addition to talent, management and market is also part of the competitiveness. From the perspective of materials, China's optical materials and related data foundation are weak. The weak foundation of research and development, production technology, measurement and so on has a certain restrictive effect on the large-scale development of infrared system products, and is a problem that needs to be solved in the process of industrialization development.The "Infrared Materials and Devices Development Summit Forum" will focus on inviting experts from well-known scientific research institutes at the infrared material level, senior executives and technical research and development experts of well-known enterprises in the materials and devices production and manufacturing industry, and well-known enterprise managers in the integrated system to the application of R & D and manufacturing industries, and invite relevant practitioners such as infrared industry chain technology and R&D personnel, manufacturing personnel, marketing and sales personnel to participate together and talk about the road of industrial development.


Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Smart Consumer Electronics Forum

Date:Dec 8, PM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

Background of the meeting The development of emerging markets will become an important driving force for the growth of China's infrared thermal imaging market. The new application market will drive the rapid increase in demand and further expansion of application fields, which are in smart homes, smart hotels, payment security, children's health and other aspects. At present, the infrared industry, whether at the scientific research level or the enterprise side, is focusing on exploring how to accelerate the current infrared industry technology into more civilian markets. Infrared technology in the post-epidemic era is also gradually being seen in more fields, and in the field of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, applications based on infrared technology have emerged in the fields of automotive, security, energy, and medical treatment. Although the demand of the terminal market can see the situation of infrared technology industrialization in full bloom, but in this case, the first to expose the shortcomings of the Hu industry chain is the production capacity shortcomings from the sensor, the infrared industry application market that has been relatively niche and the number of manufacturers producing infrared sensors in the world is not large, in the face of the outbreak of the epidemic to greatly increase demand, how should the sensor production capacity be broken through in a short period of time? How to innovate by improving technology research and development under the restriction of technical threshold? At the same time, the infrared technology that empowers the ADAS automotive intelligent assistance system is also facing the challenge of the popular liDAR for vehicles, compared with the two, LiDAR can not only replace the infrared function, but also do better and more complete! The "Application of Infrared Technology in the Field of Intelligent Consumer Electronics" Summit Forum will bring together the industry's leading device manufacturers, system integrators, sensor and chip R & D and production manufacturers and other relevant senior executives, technology and R & D personnel to discuss the development of industrialization!


Application and Development of Infrared Technology in Power System Forum

Date:Dec 8, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

Infrared can be divided into: security field, fire protection field, electric power field, enterprise process control field, medical field, construction field and remote sensing field according to the application field. As the most mature and effective means of online detection of power in the field of electric power, infrared thermal imaging cameras can greatly improve the reliability of power supply equipment operation and greatly reduce equipment maintenance time. At present, the market demand for infrared thermal imaging cameras is very large, and there is still a lot of room for growth in product development and manufacturing. The "Infrared Technology Application Development Seminar in Power System" will invite the top management of well-known enterprises and technology research and development of the full port of the infrared industry chain from the full port to the application port to discuss the application technology, research and development difficulties, development opportunities and domestic road of infrared detector core device research and development in the power system!


Terahertz Technology Trend and Application Forum

Date:Dec 9, AM

Venue:Conference Room, Hall 8

Topic direction Terahertz devices and all-fiber time domain spectroscopy The current situation and trend of localization of terahertz devices Advantages of terahertz spectroscopy and its industrialization Advances in semiconductor terahertz optical frequency comb technology Low-power terahertz detectors for security inspection Development of terahertz imaging technology and its market applications Passive Terahertz Human Security Imaging System Terahertz spectroscopy technology and application Terahertz communication technology and development Large-scale commercial millimeter wave and terahertz technology challenges How terahertz communication can be implemented as soon as possible Innovative application of terahertz technology in integrated circuits


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