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Emerging Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications Forum (Finished)
Time:Sep 6, PM
Site:5B, 2nd Floor, Hall 5
Co hosting
The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society
China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University
With the rapid development of new generation information technologies such as sensors, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, optical imaging technology has injected new life. At present, the use of lenses is constantly evolving from traditional spherical to complex surface lenses such as aspherical and free form surfaces. The continuous improvement in performance in correcting aberrations, improving imaging quality, expanding the field of view, reducing the number of lenses, and compressing lens size allows optical design to have greater freedom and flexibility, meeting the clear imaging needs in various scenarios. At present, the terminal application products of optical lenses are showing a trend of mathematical and intelligent development, which has led to the continuous expansion and deepening of downstream optical lens application fields. According to the differentiated needs of different fields, optical lens design requires the selection and balance of various performance indicators to achieve optical imaging under specific requirements.
On September 6, 2023, at the node where optical imaging technology is fully blossoming, the Emerging Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications Forum will invite top domestic optical research institutions and representative enterprises deeply involved in various fields of optical imaging to comprehensively explore the application progress of optical imaging technology, the integration of coverage sensing technology and optical imaging, and the challenges and innovations of mobile phone/car camera modules; Topics such as optical waveguide technology path, computational optical imaging technology, and spectral imaging technology in ARVR head display devices.
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Conference agenda

Emerging Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications Forum (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:05-14:25Super-resolution in a lumenQing Yang, Director of Zhejiang Univesity, Zhejiang Lab
14:25-14:45WLG Opens a New Era of ImagingRongbao Shi, Vice General Manager, AAC OPTICS
14:45-15:05XR ecosystem: Presence, Interaction and Perception algorithms empowers hardwareAlex Lin, Senior Vice President, Arcsoft Co., Ltd.
15:05-15:25IC Manufacture and Optical MeasurementMin Xu, Professor & Director, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Fudan University
15:25-15:45High-precision and Large Dynamic Technology and Application of Imaging Luminance MeterLi Song, Vice Director, EVERFINE
15:45-16:05PhysenNet: physics-enhanced deep neural networks and the applications in computational imagingFei Wang, Assistant Professor, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
16:05-16:25Research and equipment development of semiconductor brightfield defect inspection technologyLisong Yan, Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Host: Min Xu, Professor & Director of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Fudan University

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