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Vehicle Camera Imaging Technology Summit (Finished)
Time:Sep 7
Site:5B, 2nd Floor, Hall 5
Co hosting
The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society
China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University
Vision is the most important way for human to obtain environmental information when driving a car. For autonomous vehicle, cameras replace human vision as important sensors to provide an important source of external information for cars. Thanks to the rapid penetration of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit applications, cars are accelerating their pace of intelligence. With the continuous improvement of ADAS penetration rate and intelligent driving level, there is a growing demand for in car cameras. Perception technology, as a major core of the development of autonomous driving technology, has seen a rise in both quantity and price for synchronous catalytic in car cameras. But facing the rise of new forces in car manufacturing, the market competition is intensifying. In order to enhance market competitiveness, various car manufacturers are constantly attempting intelligent innovation in new car design. The requirements for pixels, detection distance, viewability, stability, and recognition ability of car mounted cameras are becoming more stringent, forcing suppliers of optical components, wafers, lenses, protective films, image sensors, ISP chips, and other components in the industry chain to iteratively update their technological processes and increase the value of hardware.
On September 7, 2023, the Vehicle Camera Imaging Technology Summit will invite the middle and senior level of well-known enterprises in the whole industry chain of car cameras to discuss the technical challenges and market trends of car cameras in automatic driving and intelligent cockpit, and discuss the hot topics such as core devices, imaging systems, sensing technology development, chip solutions, and help to build more intelligent and mature car cameras.
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Conference agenda

Vehicle Camera Imaging Technology Summit (Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
10:05-10:25Intelligent controllable EC-ND filter applied to automitive cameraCerberus Wu, Vallight Optics founder and CEO, Ningbo Vallight Optics Technology Co., Ltd.
10:25-10:45Automotive CMOS Image Sensors to Enable Smart CarsKevin Shao, VP of Automotive Division, SmartSens Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
10:45-11:05Future Development and Trend in High-Precision Automotive Camera AssemblyMorris Ng, Sales Manager, ASMPT Limited
11:05-11:25Development and Trends of Intelligent Perception Visual Camera Technology for VehiclesFrank Song, Deputy Director, Guangzhou Jinghua Precision Optics Co., Ltd.
11:25-11:45Ansys Optical Solutions for Driver Monitor System and Camera Monitor SystemYang Liu, Application Engineer, Ansys
Lunch break
14:05-14:25Imaging Technology Trends in Intelligent Cockpit & Assisted DrivingElwin Chen, Kankan Intellegent Copartner&Product Business Dept.MD, Beijing Kankan Intellegent Technology Co., Ltd.
14:25-14:45Application of Free-Form Surface Optical Machining Technology in Auto Parts ManufacturingAmy Lin, Marketing Director, FUJIAN FRAN OPTICS Co., Ltd.
14:45-15:05Arm Mali-C78AE: High performance ISP with Advanced Safety for Combined ADAS and Display ApplicationsLiming Li, Senior marketing manager, ARM CHINA Co., Ltd.
15:05-15:25Optical mechanics and failure analysis of vehicle cameraZhou Liu, Senior Specialist, Shimadzu (China) Co., LTD. Guangzhou Branch
15:25-15:45How can automotive vision modules boost the development of automotive perceptionBilly Jing, Marketing Manager, Sunny Smartlead Technologies Co., Ltd.
15:45-16:05Realizing high-quality in-car cameras for smart driving safetyBrian Liu, Vice-General Manager of Marketing Center, Lianchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
16:05-16:25Global Automotive Camera Market Trend OutlookIven Tao, Automotive semiconductor Analyst, Sigamintell Consulting Co., Ltd.
Host: Cerberus Wu, Vallight Optics founder and CEO, Ningbo Vallight Optics Technology Co.,Ltd.

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