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CIOE Optics Vacuum Coating Forum
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The committee of Optical Manufacturing Technologies, The Chinese Optical Society

Shanghai Ultra Precision Optics Manufacturing Engineering and Research Center, Fudan University

China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)  

With the marginal improvement of the consumer electronics industry, consumers' requirements for the quality of LCD TVS, mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronic products continue to improve, and the replacement frequency is accelerated, which is expected to promote the growth of demand for upstream optical film materials. With the development of 5G technology and Internet of Things technology, the rapid development of new intelligent hardware products such as wearable products and home living, the range of optical film downstream products continues to extend, new display technology is gradually improved, and new application scenarios are constantly enriched, which will also drive the downstream market demand for display optical films. Despite the increasingly fierce competition in the optical film market, there is still a huge space for development in the middle and high-end market due to the high technical threshold and obvious product differentiation. In order to fill the technical gap and speed up the domestic substitution process, in recent years, domestic manufacturers have accelerated their efforts to continuously improve the core process, and made great progress in some products such as reflective film and diffusion film, which has promoted the optimization and adjustment of the optical film product structure from low-end to middle and high-end, and the trend of domestic substitution has become increasingly obvious.
On September 12, 2023, the "CIOE Optics Vacuum Coating Forum" will invite well-known enterprises and experts and scholars from upstream and downstream of the optical film industry chain to discuss topics such as optical coating materials, advanced film design/processing and application, film advanced equipment, film thickness testing and monitoring, optical film localization replacement, and promote collaborative innovation in the fields of optical vacuum coating equipment and film technology.
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