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FTTR Fnetlink: Empowering Digital Transformation
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The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
With the rapid development of gigabit networks, FTTR has entered the fast lane of development as the second optical transformation in the home field of gigabit optical networks. In 2023, the scale of domestic FTTR bidding has exceeded 10 million sets, and the gigabit optical network not only has scenario-based solutions and rich commercial experience in the fields of campuses, hotels, enterprise parks, live broadcast bases, shops along the street, and industrial manufacturing, and has fully shifted to a digital and intelligent ecological product system model jointly built by the cloud network to help Fnetlink empower the digital transformation of all industries.
This event focuses on the application of FTTR in the home, business, government and enterprise fields, and discusses how FTTR can help various industries achieve digital transformation.
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Conference agenda

FTTR Fnetlink: Empowering Digital Transformation
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
14:00-14:05Opening SpeechHost
14:05-14:25FTTR brings high-speed internet to every corner of the home and enterpriseLi Ao, Chief engineer of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
14:25-14:45Build an FTTR gigabit optical base to help sail for a digital and intelligent futureJunwei Li, director of the Access and Home Network Research Office, China Mobile
14:45-15:05Huawei's iFTTR takes a new leap forward, ushering in a new era of smart homesXilin Yi, General Manager of Huawei Home Network Domain, Huawei
15:05-15:25The New Race of All-Optical Networking - Opening Up a New Blue Ocean for Small and Micro-Enterprise Networking MarketChengguo Xu, director of the government and enterprise affairs department, China Radio and Television
15:25-15:45FTTR+X, shaping the digitally-enabled futureShi Jun, Director, CPE & STB Product Marketing and Solution Team, ZTE Corporation
15:45-16:05Integration and innovation of terminals, networks, cloud resources and edge computing Enables intelligent upgrade of FTTR whole-house optical broadbandYucang Yang, Director of Smart Home Product Department, Smart Network Innovation Center of ChinaUnicom
16:05-16:25FTTR: Light up the beautiful campus, Drive the construction of high-quality aerospace universityYonghua Fu, Deputy Director of Information Management Center, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management

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