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Data Center Optical Interconnection Evolution Trends Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 7
Site:9B, 2nd Floor, Hall 9
Co hosting
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
Consulting Group of Transmission and Access Network of Telecommunication Science and Technology Committee of MIIT
Technology Standard Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
Guidance organization
China Mobile、China Telecom、China Unicom
Strategic cooperation media
In 2023, ChatGPT became popular on the global network. The prosperity of AI industry is in urgent need of strong data center computing power to support, and high-speed digital and optical communication technology, as the key technologies to achieve stronger computing power of data centers, is facing increasingly urgent challenges. At present, the rapid development of the application scenario of large computing power will accelerate the evolution of optical modules from 800G to 1.6T. At the 1.6T speed, the integration degree and power consumption of traditional pluggable optical modules will become more prominent. Low power consumption and miniaturization become the key demands of 800G and 1.6T optical modules. Linear drive pluggable solution has also become the focus of attention in the industry. With the rapid development of cloud data centers and the continuous rise of traffic, higher demands are put forward for high-speed transmission technology of data centers from the level of network, server, switch equipment capacity, chip and module. New data center switch technologies such as CPO/NPO are also expected to accelerate their application in the future. The evolution of switching chip capacity, optical module technology, the openness and decoupling of optical network, the establishment of data center industry standard and the collaboration of the industry still need to be discussed.
In view of this, CIOE invites Internet service providers, data center equipment vendors and core module device vendors to jointly hold the Data Center Optical Interconnection Evolution Trend Forum, focusing on the future development trend of data center high-speed transmission network interconnection.
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Conference agenda

Data Center Optical Interconnection Evolution Trends Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
10:05-10:10Opening speechXianneng Zou, Head of Tencent Network & Data Center
10:10-10:35Challenges and Opportunities of Optical Interconnection in Tencent's Data CenterJiansheng Feng, Optical Network Architect, Tencent
10:35-10:55LPO vs CPO which will dominate intra-datacenter connection in futureOliver Xue, VP of Datacom&Access BU, Accelink Technology
10:55-11:15Future-oriented Internet Data Center Interconnection Solution Development TrendDejiang Zhang, Chief Expert of Huawei Optical System, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
11:15-11:40Reconfigurable Optical Interconnection Architect for High Performance ComputingChen Zhu, Senior Optical Network Architect of BaiDu
11:40-12:00Opportunities and Challenges for Optical Interconnection in Data Centers in the Era of Computing Power NetworkKang Hou, Senior Product Planning Manager, HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies CO., LIMITED
HOST :Jinghui Li,PSC Advisor, VP of Strategy of TFC, President of Auxora
13:35-14:00New Requirements for Datacenter Optical Interconnection in AIGC EraRui Lu, Optical Network Architecture of Alibaba Group
14:00-14:20Optical DCi Demands and Technology EvolutionNing Zhu, Optics Business Development & Solution Director, NI Greater China ONBC, Nokia Shanghai Bell
14:20-14:45Key Technologies of Optical Interconnection in DatacenterCheng Chen, Network Architect, JD Cloud & AI
14:45-15:05Trends of DCI and high-speed coherent modulesYuan Yufeng, Director of optical network marketing, Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
15:05-15:25Generative AI Promotes the Devt of High-Speed Optical InterconnectJames Zhang, Director of Business Development, Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd.
15:25-15:50Ultra-Wideband Optical Communication SystemZhuge, Qunbi, Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
15:50-16:10Specialty optical fiber product solutions for optical communication and data center applicationsChen Yang, Diversification Business Unit, Chief Scientist of Specialty Fibre, Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company
16:10-16:30Simplify & Accelerate 800G/1.6T High Speed technology and Interface Test and validationHuijun Sha,GC Technical Director,VIAVI SOLUTIONS
HOST :Jinghui Li,PSC Advisor, VP of Strategy of TFC, President of Auxora

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