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Gigabit Optical Access Broadband Development Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 7, PM
Site:9A, 2nd Floor, Hall 9
Co hosting
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
Consulting Group of Transmission and Access Network of Telecommunication Science and Technology Committee of MIIT
Technology Standard Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
Guidance organization
China Mobile、China Telecom、China Unicom
Strategic cooperation media
With the gradual improvement of the global gigabit broadband urban application scenario, more and more users demand gigabit. According to Omdia, the number of gigabit users worldwide will exceed 150 million by the end of 2022 and 400 million by 2027. With the rapid development of gigabit users, the optical communication market has an increasing demand for high-speed broadband large-capacity transmission, more flexible network deployment, high efficiency and energy saving products with high link budget. At the same time, the gigabit intelligent optical network needs to transform from the "gigabit" connection capacity of bandwidth to the "gigabit" service capacity of bandwidth + experience, to meet the needs of the development of gigabit services in the digital age. At present, the gigabit optical access network uses 10G GPON+ Gigabit gateway +WiFi6 technology to fully realize the capability of "end-to-end gigabit fixed network". With the experience dividend of scene broadband, the market value of PON+ thousand lines and all industries is displayed. In the future, the PON network will continue to evolve to 50G, and the development of 50G PON technology needs to be further standardized. Facing the speed upgrade of PON network, the 50G PON optical module industry is still in the initial stage. How can the PON system improve the low-delay technology to achieve multi-point collaborative networking, and how to control the intelligent gateway to improve the network experience?
Based on this background, CIOE will invite three major carriers, PON equipment manufacturers and optical module manufacturers to work together with upstream and downstream to promote the development trend of gigabit intelligent broadband access network and the future 50G PON key technology research.
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Conference agenda

Gigabit Optical Access Broadband Development Forum(Finished)
TimeSpeech titleIntended Guests
13:30-13:35OpeningHOST:Qian Mao, Chief Engineer, Former Vice President of Wuhan University of Posts and Telecommunications, Consultant of CSTC in MIIT, Director of APOCC
13:35-14:00TBDLi Ao, Chief engineer of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)
14:00-14:25New Generation of Optical Access Network towards CFNDechao Zhang, Deputy Director of the Department of Fundamental Network Technology Research, China Mobile Communications Group Co.,Ltd
14:25-14:4550G PON Lighting Up New Era of All-Optical 10Gbps Fei Ma, Vice President of Huawei Optical Access Product Line, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
14:45-15:10Technology development and application innovation of Gigabit optical access networkMing Jiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Network Technology Research, China Telecom Research Institute
15:10-15:3050G PON Expanding the Optical Network Application FoundationMingsheng Li, Chief Engineer of Optical Access Product, ZTE Corporation
15:30-15:55Deeply develop broadband connection and end-network collaborative innovation capabilities to empower home applicationsPei Zhang, Director of Broadband and Smart Home Products Department of China Unicom Smart Network Innovation Center
15:55-16:15Broadband ZERO:New generation Gigabit access technology evolution discussionGuanhua Lu, Head of FNBC, NI Greater China, Nokia Shanghai Bell
16:15-16:35Development and challenge of next generation PON opticsTao Lin, Marketing Director of Datacom and Access products, Accelink Technologies Co., LTD.
16:35-16:55Gigabit all-optical access lays a solid foundation for digital transformationJun Zhao, FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
HOST:Qian Mao, Chief Engineer, Former Vice President of Wuhan University of Posts and Telecommunications, Consultant of CSTC in MIIT, Director of APOCC

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