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Computing Power Networking and Optical Technology Development Forum(Finished)
Time:Sep 6, PM
Site:9A, 2nd Floor, Hall 9
The International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)
Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
Consulting Group of Transmission and Access Network of Telecommunication Science and Technology Committee of MIIT
Technology Standard Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
Instructive Institution
China Mobile、China Telecom、China Unicom
Strategic Media Partner
In 2023, driven by policy, demand and technology, the integration of computing network will continue to develop in depth. Integrated computing base, intelligent computing scheduling, green sustainable computing, and the construction of 400G all-optical network will become the key words for the development of computing network. The national "count the East and count the West" project and the popularity of ChatGPT this year have further boosted the demand for large computing power, linking data, computing power and network closely. Not only the computing network needs to have super capacity, but also the optical network needs to provide high-quality connectivity and super capacity. As an important component of information infrastructure and a key bearer base, optical network can meet the demands of computing power on transmission bandwidth, capacity and low delay.
Today, the infrastructure construction of computing network drives the deep integration of computing, cloud and optical network, enabling the digital transformation of all walks of life. Subsequently, the optical transmission network is also evolving in a diversified way, such as ultra-high speed and large capacity, flexible and open, collaborative intelligent management and control. From the perspective of high-speed transmission technology, 400G has been opened for commercial use, and 800G is getting more attention. 400G QPSK and C6T+L6T technology are a 10-year intergenerational technology under the large-capacity and ultra-long distance backbone network. How to further improve the transmission capacity based on spectrum extension has aroused the attention of the industry.
With the maturity and innovation of related technologies, optical network is also promoting the transformation of network from infrastructure network to business network through the reconstruction of network architecture, so as to better serve the digital economy. In the face of development opportunities such as new infrastructure construction and industrial digital transformation, our optical communication industry is still facing multiple challenges in the evolution of network intelligence, integrated development of computer and network, green and low-carbon, application scenario expansion, and so on.
In this context, CIOE will invite the three major domestic operators and system equipment vendors, head optical chip/module vendors to hold a forum on the development of arithmetic network and optical technology, focusing on the discussion of high-speed transmission technology topics of super capacity, open decoupling, cooperative networking and intelligent control.

Conference agenda

Computing Power Networking and Optical Technology Development Forum(Finished)
HOST:Haiyi Zhang,Director of Institute of Technology and Standards Research of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)
13:30-13:35OpeningHost:Haiyi Zhang,Director of Institute of Technology and Standards Research of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)
13:35-14:00Development trends and prospects of key Technologies for all optical transport in the era of computing powerHaiyi Zhang, Director of Institute of Technology and Standards Research of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)
14:00-14:25Building All Optical Base for the Connectivity of Computing Power, Enterprise and Home Xiongyan Tang, VP/Chief Scientist of China Unicom Research Institute
14:25-14:50Computing optical network security & protectionJie Zhang, Executive Dean, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
14:50-15:10Reflections on the Development of Optical Network for Computing Force NetworkQinghua Wu, Senior expert of the Product Mgmt Dept of the Optical Product Line, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
15:10-15:35Innovation and Application Prospects of 400G All Optical Network Technology for Computing Force NetworksHan Li, China Mobile Chief Expert, Director of Department of Fundamental Network Technology, China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Research Institute
15:35-15:55Full-Scenario Evolution of 400G Optical Network, Boosting High-Quality Development of Computing Power NetworksYong Chen, Chief Engineer of OTN Product, ZTE Corporation
15:55-16:20Optical communication in the age of AI, opportunities and challengesJunjie Li, Chief Expert on Optical Transport Network, China Telecom Research Institute
16:20-16:45Design and Thinking of Automatic Configuration and Optimization in Data Center Optical NetworkJianing Lu, Network architect of TENCENT corp

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Computing Network and Optical Technology Development Forum
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